2021 Resolutions

Even though I didn't do a very good job with all my resolution in 2020, it has become my new year tradition to think of what I really want to do or get better in the new year. This year 2021, things are still a little bit uncertain, I set some goals and hope that I can achieve them by end of year. Happy Year Year 2021!

  • Learn how to solve a Rubik.
  • Learn street and landscape photography. Life is beautiful.
  • Write at least a blog post every other week.
  • Run 4 miles / day.
  • Learn Typescript.
  • Learn Cyber Security & best practice for AWS.
  • Focus more on 3D & Canvas animation.
  • Give good and honest feedback.
  • Be a better listener.
  • Don't judge before listening to both sides of the story or not giving judgement at all.
  • Develop React components library for common used ones.
  • Build interactive experiences with hardware integrated Raspberry Pi / Arduino.
  • Focus on Invest in long term stocks. Buying real estate for investment in Vietnam.