What Missing at Emberconf 2016

EmberConf 2016 was really a great conference. There were about 950 attendees this year, and the conference was very well-organized.

I had a chance to talk with great people at the conference, especially core team members, Ember Simple Auth author, Brian at Dockyard, and other amazing developers. Some of the talks were very informative, such as:

  • Opening Keynote by Yehuda Katz and Tom Dale
  • Using Service Workers in Ember by John Kleinschmidt
  • Compose Yourself with Ember and D3 by Ivan Vanderbyl
  • Idiomatic Ember: Sweet Spot of Performance and Productivity by Lauren Tan
  • The Future of Ember Templating by Godfrey Chan & Yehuda Katz

I was surprised that there were quite lot of talks only scratched the surface of Ember. Here are list of missing topics that I wish they were discussed at the conference:

  • Ember Service
  • Ember Data
  • Ember Initializers
  • Experience with deprecation when migrating from Ember v1 - v2
  • Component best practice. Lauren Tan had put together this repo, however there was no talk similar to about.

I wasn’t sure why these topics were not in the conference this year, but I do they will be in next year. In the meantime, I will probably just enjoy Glimmer 2 and Fastboot. Thanks to the Ember team for such hard works everyone putting into this to make the conference successful.

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