Tower of Hanoi

One of my favorite childhood game was the Tower of Hanoi which I loved playing it with my neighbor friends all the time. Also, one of my very first project in college was implementing the tower of Hanoi in C, C++, or Java. I guess this game has stuck with me for a very long time, so that today I decided to implement it again in my new favorite language - Ruby. In fact, it’s simple, elegant, and easy to implement in ruby.

class TowerOfHanoi
  SRC = 0
  DST = 2
  TEMP = 1

  def initialize(disks: 4)
    @disks = disks

  def run
    move(@disks, SRC, DST, TEMP)

  def move(disks, src, dst, temp)
    return moveFromTo(src, dst) if disks == 1
    move(disks-1, src, temp, dst)
    moveFromTo(src, dst)
    move(disks-1, temp, dst, src)

  def moveFromTo(src, dst)
    puts "Move from #{src} to #{dst}"

To run the program, open your terminal and try it in your irb:

$ irb
require_relative 'TowerOfHanoi'
game = # or game = 4)

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