How I switched to vim in 2 weeks

I have played with Vim so many times since I was in college, in fact that I loved it every time I used it. However, I don’t think I ever spent time long enough to get used to it. I’ve seen people dancing their fingers on the keyboard using Vim, this made me wanted to try harder this time. Finally I totally switched to Vim as my main text editor.

Here is the timeline that I setup my goal.

  1. Be prepared for couple unproductive days.

    • This means that your productivity level from go down from 100% to 10%-20% which means you probably won’t be able to get your work done in couple of first days. This is totally normal since you will be focusing on learning Vim rather than focusing on anything else. With this being said, please don’t try to learn Vim when you’re in the middle of tight deadline project. :)
  2. Learn the basic and the one that you use most.(3 days)

    • - Try Vim Adventures: this will help you get around quickly by using h, j, k, l
    • - Learn the most common keystrokes: insert, deleting, copy/paste, undo/redo, search/replace.
    • - Learn how to open a file inside Vim (using :e), or open in new tab (:tabe), how to navigate through tabs using (gt or gT).
    • - Read this Vim Trais from Thoughtbot to see where you’re at with your skill.
  3. Time to get more serious (4 days) - this is where most of people give up!

    • - Read through Vim tutorial until split window chapter.
    • - Install Vim plugins that help you navigate files such as NerdTree, or CtrlP files quickly. The best dotfiles resource is from Thoughtbot dotfiles.
    • - It’s time to learn Tmux, I found this video from Chris Hunt was very helpful to understand some common use of tmux, and Vim plugins.
  4. Practice makes perfect! (7 days)

    • At this point, all you need to do is keep practicing, taking notes, and learning. You will see yourself getting better everyday, and you will be surprised how much faster you can use with your

I hope you find this useful, and good luck!

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