Great Attitude Makes Great Developers

I was struck with a simple story about working with great attitude would have a great impact on the outcome of the work.

Here is that little story:

There were three workers working on a construction site. One day, a man came over and asked the first worker “Why do work on this job?” I need money to feed my family, the first worker answered.

Then the man asked the second worker that same question. The answer was “that is because my boss told me to”.

The third worker was also asked that question, and he said “I want to build a nice building for people living here to be safe and happy.”

I kept asking myself what I would answer if people ask me that same question about my work. In the last five years, I always had positive attitude about any works that I did, whether it was small or big. Simply because I wanted to make great things for people to use.

I think all of three workers had made valid points about what motivated them for doing their works. However, to get the work done properly, and perfectly, the third worker would be the one. That is why I think great attitude will have a great impact on the work. I also strongly believe this also applies for all everyone in general, and developer in particularly.

To all developers, when working on any projects, please give it a little more love. It will make your users happy too.

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