My First Hugo Theme

When I started to get back to blogging, I felt my website took a little long to compile. As a revolution of redesigning my blog, I want to switch my blog platform to something faster.

My blog was previously developed using Middleman, and now it's powered by Hugo, a faster static site generator. I'm really pleased with the transition so far.

I also wrote a simple Hugo theme called Hugo Minimalist, this is just a mimic of my current blog style, which I explained in Minimalist in design. Of course, it's free to use if you want to try.

Another thing that I'd like to share is the better workflow for my website deployment. With Middleman, I host the website on S3, use Markdown to write content, and use Middleman extension s3_deployment to deploy to S3, and then commit to github. The whole process wasn't taking too long, but it can be simplified. With Hugo, the website is hosted on Github (free), and I wrote a simple script to deploy and commit to github just one command when the content is ready for production. I think the whole process is just better now.

If you plan to write lot of blog posts, and want to use static site generator for it, I highly recommend Hugo.