ES6 Review Part 2

This is a second review post for new ES6 features that I’d love to share. You can find the first review here ES6 Review Part 1


I have been using arrow (->) and fat-arrow (=>) key in Coffeescript for while, and I was happy when ES6 would support arrow key (=>) as a short-hand of function keyword. Of course, if you’re familiar with arrow keys in Coffeescript, this feature will be similar. Here are some common use cases:

  $(“button”).on(“click”, (event) => {

  var sum = (x, y) => { return x + y; };
  let x = 2;
  let y = 3;
  sum(x, y); // return 5


ES6 provides a better way to work with Strings, such as multiline strings, or string interpolation.

  `Multiline javascript

  `${x} + ${y} = ${sum(x, y)}`

Better managing your javascript files with modules

With ES6 Modules, it’s much easier to organize your javascript files across the app. For instance:

  // lib/utility.js
  export function sum(x, y) {
    return x + y;
  // app.js
  import * as utility from “lib/utility”;
  console.log(`2 + 3 = ${utility.sum(2, 3)}`)

Of course, there are more exciting features coming in ES6. I don’t tend to review them all, instead the one that I found myself using most of the time. To see other features, you can visit this Github page.

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