2015 Retrospective

It was a great year of works, and an exciting year of life.


1. Leaving the agency world

In the past few years, I worked for great creative agencies such as Sincerely Truman, and The Program in Portland, Oregon, it was tough to leave the agency working environment. Working with creative agencies gave me lot of opportunities to explore new technologies, and ideas. For instance, here are the list of things that worked with:

  • Back-end: PHP, Ruby, Javascript.
  • Javascript: BackboneJS, EmberJS, MeteorJS, NodeJS, ReactJS.
  • Frameworks: Rails, Wordpress, Meteor, Yii, Shopify, Squarespace, Facebook App, Twitter App.
  • Database: MongoDB, Mysql, Postgresql.
  • Lot of other libraries, and third-party applications.

However, I always wanted to deepen my knowledge for the one that I most loved and cared about. That was when I made my best decision to join the Seastar team.

2. Entering the start-up world

Start-up is tough. I basically have to live and breath with it.

Differently from what I worked in several previous positions, now I can focus on some technologies that I think they will have some great influences in the future: such as EmberJS, Golang, Cassandra, and hopefully Swift too.

My role is in charged for the front-end of Seastar product, focusing on developing UX and design. I am very lucky to be a part of the Seastar team.

3. Accomplishments

  • Launched: OMSI Zoo in You, Classfare, Ratio Coffee, My OneSight, Seastar.io.
  • Switched code editor from Sublime to Vim.
  • Switched personal blog from Middleman to Hugo.
  • Read 10 books: 3 fiction, 2 inspiration, 2 startup, 3 technical.
  • Deepened knowledge in Ember 2.0.
  • Worked as lead of UI & UX Developer.
  • Cassandra training & Cassandra Summit.
  • Started learning Golang, and Swift.
  • Implemented data visualization D3, Rickshaw, and ThreeJS.
  • Implemented animation with canvas and Tweenmax.


  • I’m grateful that my works allow me to work remotely any days in the week, this helped me a lot for my work-life balance.
  • My 2 years old has kept me busy through the year. She started to talk more, and asked more questions. Sometimes it was hard to answer all of her questions.
  • The 4 days vacation in Disneyland.
  • Multiple day trips to Cannon beach were really great.
  • The Apple Watch motivated me to exercise more regularly.
  • Ride bicycle to work everyday.

It was a joyful year of 2015, and I look forward to the 2016. Happy New Year!!!

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